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With Nico having just arrived back from Thailand, rejoining Chris in Europe, your favorite hobos cover the good points and bad points of working in SEA for the last 5 months. We all know one can live and work in SEA on a pittance, but what else? What kind of other entrepreneurs are around to hang out with? What’s it like working in a cafe in Ho Chi Minh City? Is being ripped off by locals a real hassle? What if you get ill? Is it all sunshine and coconuts?

A few of the Pros

  • Cost of living (taxi, renting stuff, …)
  • meeting other hobo entrepreneurs
  • weather, lots of sunlight
  • not distracted by local politics/issues
  • cheap local staffing options
  • great food
  • cheap health care
  • cheap getting to other tropical destinations
  • amazing beaches
  • easy to have unusual/cultural experiences

And some Cons (some can be reframed as ‘challenges’)

  • visa runs and troubles
  • no amazon deliveries
  • language barrier
  • taxi drivers etc. overcharging the foreigners
  • having to bargain/haggle (if you wanna shop at markets)
  • roads dangerous, traffic, motorbikes
  • cockroaches
  • high humidity, air pollution
  • hygiene issues
  • the occasional food poisoning
  • Potential Timezone issues


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