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Chris and Nico dig into a more simple and straight forward interpretation of “follow your passion”. They look at an easy ways of being motivated by pursuing what comes easy, what you are “aligned” to as opposed to the perhaps more trumpeted approach of using sheer willpower and taking bold, courageous steps towards your true “passion”.

Some nice bullet points, we all like bullet points

  1. Via Negativa, stopping doing things that are destroying your motivation, and then naturally arriving at passion and motivation
  2. Contrary to 1) actively changing state, perhaps reacting to some extreme negative situation
  3. 2 types of people – being motivated towards things, or away from things
  4. Focus on the results, not the process e.g. the beautiful cleaned house, rather than the 1 hour of vacuuming cleaning.
  5. Doing things with mindfulness, turning menial tasks into a meditation
  6. Successful people, either not really knowing why they are successful, or being poor teachers

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Since we recorded this, Chris started reading The Motivation Hacker, on topic and strongly recommends it.

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