The Hobo CEO is Humble

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statue and coins

Today, I share with you a vignette on one of the principles by which I live my life, but first a news digression. The Digression 2015 I believe, is for us hobos (Chris and Nico) the year of the book. I’ve already published (but not written) a book, Nico announced he was writing a book,… Read more »

Watch out Digital Nomads, It’s a Trap!

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swimming pool

Lately I’ve started to feel that my hobo lifestyle has created a bit of a trap. I was in Tokyo recently with Fellow hobo Tynan recording a podcast when it came up that we both couldn’t “go back” to living a conventional life[1]. Much as people quickly get used to new found riches I guess… Read more »

The Anxiety Buffer

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The anxiety buffer

When I was a boy/teenager I had some sporadic and bizarre anxiety issues. The most extreme and perhaps amusing example was when I was about 12. I went through a phase of feeling extremely nervous at the start of the school day which culminated in me throwing up within the first 5 minutes of entering… Read more »

Opting Out Of Christmas

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With a few rare exceptions, I basically haven’t given anyone a Christmas present or sent anyone a Christmas card for a number of years now. And I’m not some miserable miser with no friends, or estranged from my family, I just decided not to bother with Christmas any more a few years back. I guess… Read more »

#Fail – Learning From Success

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Recently I had the great fortune to sit next to Derek Sivers at a business conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Derek was one of the keynote speakers at the event and a true inspiration. We were all moved to hear his story rising from modest beginnings to selling internet business CD baby for $22million – his… Read more »