Cheapos To Save The World

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cheapos in bed

This might sound like I’m grafting some lofty and noble vision onto a simple and pretty obvious business idea (showing people how to save money) after the fact. After all there’s no real direct mention of saving the world in our manifesto. And yes, I will readily confess that I’m doing Tokyo Cheapo as a… Read more »

Your Man in Tokyo

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You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. In this episode we talk about how Chris seems to be in this advantageous situation in Tokyo. There are people coming through and visiting Japan’s capital on a regular basis – and Chris gets to meet them all, show off how well he knows the city,… Read more »

Redefining the phone

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I’m often amused by the way people still behave as a result of a small vibrating/whining piece of plastic and metal in their pocket or on their desk. They’d be forgiven if it was the early nineties when mobile phones were new and we weren’t familiar with they way they worked, or had voice mail… Read more »

How I became a ‘hobo CEO’

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shibuya headstand

The Beginning It all started in 2005, during a bad patch. I’d just been wiped out by an unexpectedly large tax bill and simultaneously dropped my two biggest clients, so I was feeling rather poor. I realised being a freelance web developer wasn’t the smartest business model. I thought to myself “I’ve been building software… Read more »


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I’ve been running on the road since 2006, working mostly from cafe’s and the occasional co-working space in Tokyo, Honolulu, Berlin, London, Cluj, and Goa. I have 5 people working for me and the business has thousands of customers from all over the world. I’m not mega rich, but have enough, plus I have… Read more »