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In this episode we talk about how Chris seems to be in this advantageous situation in Tokyo. There are people coming through and visiting Japan’s capital on a regular basis – and Chris gets to meet them all, show off how well he knows the city, and don’t forget the free dinners.

What is it like living in Tokyo as a foreigner?

  • The language barrier: Are you watching Japanese movies?
  • Cultural differences: How much are you hanging out with locals?
  • Food: So much more than sushi.
  • Visa: Being the representative of a/your company in Japan. (More on the subject on
  • Safety:

“There is no theft in Tokyo.”

  • Convenience:

“Everything just works.”

  • Digital Hoboism: Can you work from cafés?
  • Staying organized:

“You can have a barbecue in the park. You just have to book your slot a few weeks in advance.”

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