Deconstructing The Dominator

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An interview with Jesse Lawler of We’ve long being looking forward to getting Jesse “The Dominator” Lawler back on the Hobo CEO podcast. Mr Lawler, well known in Hobo circles for his unbending focus and ability execute superhuman amounts of work and play concurrently, is a legend in his own lifetime. We sit the… Read more »

Starving is the new black – 7 Day Fast

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breakfast, scrambled eggs

In this episode Chris and Nico share their experiences with (randomized) days of fasting. Kicked off by Nassim Taleb’s paper Fasting and his resolutions for 2015, Nico did some research, started fasting, and published Random Days of Fasting on his blog. Part of the research and inspiration came from Jesse’s podcast episode ”Ketosis vs. Cancer“. From… Read more »

Moving The Goal Posts

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Tokyo Cheapo

You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. The default measure of a business’ success is its balance sheet. However, in this episode we invite you to “move the goal posts” slightly away from profit, and more towards usefulness. The idea of doing something that’s not just profitable, but useful and helpful, i.e…. Read more »

Tight Operations – Running Your Business From The Airport

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Da Nang

You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. A company that is capable of running location-independent, has the option or choice. And choice is always better than no choice.  #antifragile Your favourite hobos seized the opportunity to record whilst waiting for a severely delayed plane and in between some chess matches at Da… Read more »

The (hobo) Entrepreneurial Mindset

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laptop and coconut in fridge

This week Chris sits down with Pat Larsen to discuss mindset and share some epiphanies that have forged their entrepreneurial paths. Pat talks about his technique for finding a deep sense of contentment and separating himself from “ephemeral” highs and lows. Sorry, no hobo suitcase this week! Podcast editing and production by Podcast Magic