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A company that is capable of running location-independent, has the option or choice. And choice is always better than no choice.  #antifragile

Your favourite hobos seized the opportunity to record whilst waiting for a severely delayed plane and in between some chess matches at Da Nang international airport.

Going remote is a step towards tight operations in running your business – establishing the optionality, not the obligation to locate somewhere, anywhere or nowhere.

  • Have to focus on good communication, documentation and processes.
  • People need to work independently of one another (due to different time zones).
  • Treat motivation as a barometer of the quality of work and work environment (from the book Remote, by 37 signals)

Rather than personally blame people for their bad nature, it’s better to categorically blame humans and instead to build systems that insulate us from those potential problems.

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One Response to “Tight Operations – Running Your Business From The Airport”

  1. Tom

    Hahaha I like how your first reaction was “I need an office to have interns and therefore cannot have interns!”

    I used to use a fancy co-working space as my “office.” Clients who didnt understand the co-working concept were seriously impressed!