Your Man in Tokyo

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You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. In this episode we talk about how Chris seems to be in this advantageous situation in Tokyo. There are people coming through and visiting Japan’s capital on a regular basis – and Chris gets to meet them all, show off how well he knows the city,… Read more »

Science, Business and Hippies

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In this episode, Chris and Nico are looking at “Why spiritual people hate the word success, and business people hate spirituality”. Chris had an epiphany that we humans are mostly following scripts that other people have written. There is a red flag: “Is there a human behind this?” can be used as a detection device…. Read more »

We have already won (at podcasting)

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We will frame this. (figuratively speaking, of course, since we can’t hobo around with pictures in frames) There is not much more to say. We always hoped that this would be true. Chris and Nico can indeed die in peace any day now. Jesse is listening See the original comment here. #epicachievement

Introducing “The power of nonsense”

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You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. The hoboCEOs are broadcasting from Berlin this time. From minute 03:11 to 10:20… The episode features a hobo suitcase special with Mark and Philip from The Bakery. Then, on to the main topics, hobos! starting at 11:00 until 27:49 How to get clients for freelance… Read more »