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The hoboCEOs are broadcasting from Berlin this time.

From minute 03:11 to 10:20…
The episode features a hobo suitcase special with Mark and Philip from The Bakery.

Then, on to the main topics, hobos!

starting at 11:00 until 27:49

How to get clients for freelance work

Our response to Yohai’s question about how to get clients before heading off to hobodom, which in short are:

  • make sure to get the right clients, meaning the ones that fit your criteria and the one that you can actually help
  • pick a niche to appear more competent and speak directly to this niche’s needs
  • possibly use platforms like Elance or oDesk
  • reach out to prospect in an active rather than passive manner
  • go to local network events and reach out to people from other circles where it’s more likely to meet prospective clients instead of just other freelancers with similar skills like you
  • public speaking or giving a presentation about some topic you are well educated or experienced in to establish yourself as an “expert”
  • organising a meeting or network event yourself. Be a connector.
  • do a project to get some exposure, examples: or “Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?
  • check out Seth Godin’s work, especially his podcast “Seth Godin’s StartUp School

starting at 27:50 until the end

The power of nonsense

A concept which has two parts to it. We will elaborate on this more in future episodes.

Part 1 is about paradox that not everything can be understood by the mind aka the rational can’t tackle the non-rational.

Part 2 is about the mind demanding to understand the world/reality.

So how can the mind, or rather we, be aware of its limitation and, more important, how can we use the mind to overcome its limits or harness the power of nonsense.

Our first little experiment will involve a lucky charm to “become consciously superstitious”.

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