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In this episode we give you an overview of our current and essential tools, from hardware to software, that we use to “organize our shiat” as Andreas specified in his question.

Here’s the tl;dl for you stressed out folks:

Most important rule: Have as little as necessary.

Software we’re currently using

  • Project and Task Management with Asana
  • Google calendar with multiple time-zones support to simplify scheduling
  • 1Password for password security and handling millions of logins (works on desktop as well as mobile devices)
  • A Timer (as included in most smartphones or the good old egg timer)
  • Backups with TimeMachine (Mac), cloud storage from Dropbox to Amazon servers
  • Evernote for accessing my snail mail from whereever online
  • Chat and Video Calls with Skype, HipChat and Google Hangouts

Hardware we’re carrying around

Nico's coffee set

The “nature of understanding”

  • The difference between understanding things and being able to explain them.
  • Intuition vs. rational reasoning.
  • Being aware that you can’t understand everything with your (limited and sequential) conscious mind.

Nico mentions the wonderful piano music of his teacher Chris Beier, “Aeolian Green – piano worksVIII” (You can find this on iTunes as well as Spotify).

Chris mentions the book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcom Gladwell.

Any questions? Feel free to use the voicemail service on the right of the screen or any other means of getting into contact with us. We’d love to hear from you.


  1.  The Coffee Geekery can certainly be overdone - Nico Appel