Deconstructing The Dominator

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An interview with Jesse Lawler of We’ve long being looking forward to getting Jesse “The Dominator” Lawler back on the Hobo CEO podcast. Mr Lawler, well known in Hobo circles for his unbending focus and ability execute superhuman amounts of work and play concurrently, is a legend in his own lifetime. We sit the… Read more »

Starving is the new black – 7 Day Fast

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breakfast, scrambled eggs

In this episode Chris and Nico share their experiences with (randomized) days of fasting. Kicked off by Nassim Taleb’s paper Fasting and his resolutions for 2015, Nico did some research, started fasting, and published Random Days of Fasting on his blog. Part of the research and inspiration came from Jesse’s podcast episode ”Ketosis vs. Cancer“. From… Read more »

Choose life or choose Paleo?

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Raw horse and egg

“…if it were humanly possible to objectively and with a truly open mind sift through all the various research, theory and evidence on optimum diet and lifestyle, you’d end up sobbing mess with no idea as to what was best.” We all love a good dietary fad, it makes a great topic to polarise discussions… Read more »