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Chris and Nico digest last weeks DC conference in Berlin and ruminate on what it means to follow your passion and build a values based business, systemising and the ultimate (anti) motivational tool – The Chair Meditation.

Also hear flash interviews with 20 other fellow international hobos, surveying them all with the same three questions. An interesting survey of what people are doing and from where.

Mentioned In This Episode

Inside the suitcase: Alexej Friesen

Hobos Surveyed: Rob Mod, Ian Schoen, Noah Everton, Rasmus Lindgren, Maarten Hensbroek, Anders Ronnau, John Reineck, Jesse Lawler, Mehdi Hadim, Travis Jamison, Aubrey Grossman, Kimberly Rich, Pete Hall, Rob, Gabriel Strauss, Esteban Lara, Gregor Leopold, Barbara Fernandez, Gary Joynes, Andrew Youderian, Cam Collins

Pro Travel Shirts (that Chris emphatically doesn’t have) by Jimmy Hayes

Photo: Chris overlooks berlin from Teufelsberg
Chris Overlooks Berlin

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