Science, Business and Hippies

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In this episode, Chris and Nico are looking at “Why spiritual people hate the word success, and business people hate spirituality”. Chris had an epiphany that we humans are mostly following scripts that other people have written. There is a red flag: “Is there a human behind this?” can be used as a detection device…. Read more »

how to hobo – start being a hoboCEO today

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the hobos

You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. Following on a question from Ian Robinson of, we delve into how to start being a hobo CEO right now. Preparation Mindset etc. – listen to episode #1 Remove things holding you down Have no debt Embrace the minimalist lifestyle Main types of hobo-compatible… Read more »

DC Berlin Breakdown and International Hobo Survey

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You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. Chris and Nico digest last weeks DC conference in Berlin and ruminate on what it means to follow your passion and build a values based business, systemising and the ultimate (anti) motivational tool – The Chair Meditation. Also hear flash interviews with 20 other fellow… Read more »

The Anxiety Buffer

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The anxiety buffer

When I was a boy/teenager I had some sporadic and bizarre anxiety issues. The most extreme and perhaps amusing example was when I was about 12. I went through a phase of feeling extremely nervous at the start of the school day which culminated in me throwing up within the first 5 minutes of entering… Read more »

#Fail – Learning From Success

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Recently I had the great fortune to sit next to Derek Sivers at a business conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Derek was one of the keynote speakers at the event and a true inspiration. We were all moved to hear his story rising from modest beginnings to selling internet business CD baby for $22million – his… Read more »