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Following on from the post last week about the digital nomad trap, we talk about escaping the conventional lifestyle and then keeping out of traps from the subsequent hobo existence.

Escaping the conventional lifestyle through:

  • Following what makes a hobo happy
  • Avoiding what makes you unhappy
  • Facing fears that might be holding you back
  • Does mindset come from action, or is action from mindset?

See also our previous episode on the essential ingredients to location independence

And avoiding the hobo trap:

  • Taking on responsibility
  • Being comfortable without a plan
  • Being humble, not bragging, keeping a low profile at times
  • Leverage the hobo freedom – don’t follow the herd
  • And not falling back into arrangements for the sake of arrangements

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2 Responses to “Becoming a hobo houdini”

  1. Kevin

    Hi Chris, came across you via Foolish Adventure podcast, really interesting. Just downloaded your Hobo Houdini podcast, great stuff, you have some great insights. Im also someone over in the Far East right now (Bangkok) so I understand why you like Japan. I’d like to listen to your other podcasts but I cant find how to download them. I have Linux Ubuntu so its difficult for me to access iTunes. Any way I can hear the podcasts without iTunes?
    Thanks, Kevin

    • Chris Kirkland

      Hi Keven, apologies for the slow reply! And glad to here you find our waffleing interesting :D

      You can just click on the play/download link on any of the podcast episodes published on this site, or alternatively you can subscribe using one of the following means:

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