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This week I (Chris) discus happiness and balance with hobo ecommerce entrepreneur James Ferrer of tokyowheel.jp.

I caught up with James in between Jiujitsu training and surfing in Phuket where he’s been living for a few months. James is a super positive guy with a great business mind and he’s always a joy to be with. Spending a few days with him in Phuket totally reset my brain into making happiness more of a priority in my life, so I sat him down placed a mic on the table and coaxed the wisdom out of his smiling mouth.

  • Cultivating “turning point” ideas
  • Health and Happiness as a key to being smarter and more productive
  • Putting happiness on your todo list
  • How working the minimum amount is good for business – creating a buffer for more high level business thinking
  • Having fun/relaxing but not becoming complacent
  • Being fully engaged and “fixing” oneself as a formula for happiness
  • Avoiding stress habit reactions by using the anxiety buffer

Mentioned in this episode

Nico’s cafe in Penang, Malaysia http://sitigun.com/
James Ferrer @jamesferrer tokyowheel.jp

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One Response to “Happiness and Balance”

  1. Charlie

    I love these interviews.
    Thank you for hosting them, and thanks to guests like James for giving their time. You guys are both awesome.