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After a little holiday break, Chris and Nico reconnected in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Podcasting and Audience

In this episode your hosts talk about their reasons to do the hoboCEO podcast, the style and format they chose, what they know and don’t know about their audience.

They also touch on the hobo lifestyle, having less commitments and other implications of permanent traveling.

Hobo Suitcase Interview

As a very special guest on the hobo suitcase entrepreneur this time, we got: Kimberly Rich (@kimbos_slice)

Mentioned in this episode:

During the interview Kim and Chris are mentioning Mameshiba.

In their talk Nico mentions the Nassim Taleb interview ”my rules for life”. Here’s his favorite quote:

It’s his “fuck you” money that allows him to do exactly what he wants, when he wants, beholden to no one.

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  1. Jesse Lawler

    I just wanted to give official confirmation to speculation that yes, I *do* in fact listen to this podcast. A little belatedly sometimes, but nary an episode eludes me. When my focus on business occasionally trumps my philosophical curiosity, or at those times when I feel the strange urge to buy respectable pants, the Hobo CEO Podcast always sets me straight.


  1.  We have already won (at podcasting) | hobo ceo - Business, travel and shabby trousers.