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This week your favourite hobos are joined again by John Bardos of fame, to ruminate on hobo relationships. John and his wife have travelled together continuously for the last 4 years, so Chris and Nico grill him with questions to try and uncover his secret sauce for the successful traveling relationship.

Topics covered and mentions:

  • Why John and Motoko left the conventional lifestyle behind
  • The hobo lifestyle as a means to avoid getting fat, lazy and stupid
  • Working and living together
  • Possible ingredients to a successful couple hobo life
  • Is it possible to have kids and start a family as a hobo?
  • Regarding children, conventions are quite different in other countries which creates/forces a lot of flexibility
  • Traveling single vs. as a couple – can you start a relationship while traveling?

Quote from John:

“I think it’s harder to be a couple than it is to be single. And it is harder to be a family than it is to be couple, but it’s definitely doable.”

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2 Responses to “Permanent Traveling and Relationships”

  1. Jake Jorgovan

    Great episode and I am glad to see you guys finally tackling the relationship topic. I think what you unveiled here is that there is no secret to making these hobo relationships work, it is just a matter of the right people, who can compromise and work together to make this lifestyle a reality. Thanks for putting this show together, it has truly been an inspiration in my journey.

    • Chris Kirkland

      An honour to hear our humble hobo mumblings have been an inspiration!