Permanent Traveling and Relationships

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subscribe to this podcast on iTunes This week your favourite hobos are joined again by John Bardos of fame, to ruminate on hobo relationships. John and his wife have travelled together continuously for the last 4 years, so Chris and Nico grill him with questions to try and uncover his secret sauce for the… Read more »

Watch out Digital Nomads, It’s a Trap!

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swimming pool

Lately I’ve started to feel that my hobo lifestyle has created a bit of a trap. I was in Tokyo recently with Fellow hobo Tynan recording a podcast when it came up that we both couldn’t “go back” to living a conventional life[1]. Much as people quickly get used to new found riches I guess… Read more »

4 months, 5 countries, 6 seasons

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One of the reason I started writing hoboCEO, was because I wanted to give a real world example of a hobo CEO – someone living and working whilst traveling. So here’s a quick post on what I’ve been up to. In these 4 months, I’ve been in Berlin, London, Edinburgh, Kuala Lumpur, Pengang, Tokyo, Hokkaido… Read more »