The (hobo) Entrepreneurial Mindset

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This week Chris sits down with Pat Larsen to discuss mindset and share some epiphanies that have forged their entrepreneurial paths. Pat talks about his technique for finding a deep sense of contentment and separating himself from “ephemeral” highs and lows. Sorry, no hobo suitcase this week! Podcast editing and production by Podcast Magic

Science, Business and Hippies

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In this episode, Chris and Nico are looking at “Why spiritual people hate the word success, and business people hate spirituality”. Chris had an epiphany that we humans are mostly following scripts that other people have written. There is a red flag: “Is there a human behind this?” can be used as a detection device…. Read more »

Watch out Digital Nomads, It’s a Trap!

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Lately I’ve started to feel that my hobo lifestyle has created a bit of a trap. I was in Tokyo recently with Fellow hobo Tynan recording a podcast when it came up that we both couldn’t “go back” to living a conventional life[1]. Much as people quickly get used to new found riches I guess… Read more »

Tackling the Tough Times

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You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. Everybody talks about their achievements most of the time. The truth is, much more of the time we are struggling. The celebrated successes are rare and short while the road towards them can be tedious, boring and frustrating. How does a hoboCEO deal with the… Read more »

The five essential ingredients to location independence

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You may want to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes. The sun is just setting and it’s 31 minutes before the soup run starts, that’s right it’s time to join international hobo’s Chris Kirkland and Nico Appel for their first broadcast direct from their roof terrace, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In this episode they… Read more »