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The sun is just setting and it’s 31 minutes before the soup run starts, that’s right it’s time to join international hobo’s Chris Kirkland and Nico Appel for their first broadcast direct from their roof terrace, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

In this episode they are joined by the venerable Dan Andrews of Tropical MBA and lifestyle business podcast fame. Sit down, crack open a coconut and listen in as we ruminate on the five essential ingredients for a location independent lifestyle. We dig into the mindset you need, attitudes you have to nurture and the strategies that will set you on the path of worldwide hobodom.





We mention the DC, which is short for Dynamite Circle a community for location independent entrepreneurs.
Thanks to Jodi for the delicious fruit picture :) .

8 Responses to “The five essential ingredients to location independence”

    • Chris

      It was a hobo honor of the highest order to have you join us sir, hope to have you back again some time :)

  1. Adam

    Hey Chris, great first hobo-podcast.. It is always re-freshing to hear these sort of conversations. ‘Identify a game you can make progress on’.. That hit home. You can not beat the chess master, you have got to keep going until find your niche idea. It is hard to keep friends in the loop when you hit the road. Mine have no clue about any of this. They think pyramid schemes and scams when I talk about making money online. I wish I could take them on the journey, but I figure one day I will have an eBook or video to explain it to them. Live the dream guys..

    • Chris

      Jesse, esteemed sir,
      We are most obliged that you should bestow upon us the honor of publicly declaring our inaugural episode “even true”.

  2. Adrian

    Good stuff Chris – and for a 1st episode, that is :) Gave it a listen and loved it! Keep up the good work guys!


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