What's inside the suitace?

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One day when I was about 20 I was talking with an old school friend who’d recently returned from several months of traveling round Africa. It was amazing hearing about his experiences, but one of the things that really stuck with me was his comments on luggage, he said, “the only way to travel is… Read more »

relaxing by the sea

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I want to talk about a strange and subtle phenomenon I noticed happening to me after I became free of any time and place commitments (but still with a stable income). Once I truly had this freedom, I found that I unconciously recreated the very constraints I had escaped from. I had this residual feeling… Read more »

shibuya headstand

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The Beginning It all started in 2005, during a bad patch. I’d just been wiped out by an unexpectedly large tax bill and simultaneously dropped my two biggest clients, so I was feeling rather poor. I realised being a freelance web developer wasn’t the smartest business model. I thought to myself “I’ve been building software… Read more »