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An interview with Jesse Lawler of We’ve long being looking forward to getting Jesse “The Dominator” Lawler back on the Hobo CEO podcast. Mr Lawler, well known in Hobo circles for his unbending focus and ability execute superhuman amounts of work and play concurrently, is a legend in his own lifetime. We sit the… Read more »

cheapos in bed

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This might sound like I’m grafting some lofty and noble vision onto a simple and pretty obvious business idea (showing people how to save money) after the fact. After all there’s no real direct mention of saving the world in our manifesto. And yes, I will readily confess that I’m doing Tokyo Cheapo as a… Read more »

statue and coins

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Today, I share with you a vignette on one of the principles by which I live my life, but first a news digression. The Digression 2015 I believe, is for us hobos (Chris and Nico) the year of the book. I’ve already published (but not written) a book, Nico announced he was writing a book,… Read more »

breakfast, scrambled eggs

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In this episode Chris and Nico share their experiences with (randomized) days of fasting. Kicked off by Nassim Taleb’s paper Fasting and his resolutions for 2015, Nico did some research, started fasting, and published Random Days of Fasting on his blog. Part of the research and inspiration came from Jesse’s podcast episode ”Ketosis vs. Cancer“. From… Read more »

cafe worker

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Having just read and enjoyed Remote Working – 3 Year Retrospective I thought I might offer my employer’s 2 pence from running 2 businesses remotely ( and over the last 8 years. How Good Is It? Be prepared to work at it, and be awesome to each other. Remote working can be an amazingly… Read more »